Thursday, 22 October 2015

My Fictional Story

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WALT: write a fictional story about a picture of our choice.

OMG I love it, the taste, the feeling, the smell it was so yum. One  day me and  my friends signed up for a pie eating contest.
I was so excited yelling and screaming words I have never said, when I first ate the pies I loved it I started munching hard yummmyyy  I  went for seconds, thirds and fourths I said “ I am such a poaka”
I should stop eating but then i just keep on going and going it was my last pie and my companion was nearly done  time was ticking 10, 9  I had the strength to munch the whole  thing down I made it I yelled Yay I won. My friends were cheering and screaming  “you did good work”.  

1 comment:

  1. Hello enadee,
    My name is Marica and I am from papakura central school I love the story it is such a nice story and it is really fun to read.
    are you going to make another story about a different topic?