Monday, 2 November 2015

My Weekend

Rahina 2 Whiringa-a-nuku
WALT : write a describe with detail and event from our weekend.

My Dumb Weekend In Waima That sounds Cool.
On a mysterious friday Nare and Ara invited me and my brother Keej to Waima Marae to stay for 3 days. First Night for dinner we ate nachos and for pudding we stuffed in our mouths rice pudding it was delicious.  
Later on that night we all had the confidence to introduce ourselves.  1. name 2. age 3. a little bit about yourself I felt scared. I boosted my confidence and said it. I was scared at the start but then I felt alright.
After that we all got kicked to bed we talked and talked and the we all got a growling and then gapped it to bed.

On Saturday morning we woke up early made our beds and had breakfast I ate kiwi porridge  it was yummy and  I drank a milo. Later on we went to Waima school across the road it was fun we played games and played on the park .  Then we went back to the marae to do arts and crafts I made my mum a pretty card with heaps of sprinkles, glitter, felt tips it was so amazingly pretty.
.After that we walked to Waima waterhole and we had a hot as  swim ,I was excited but then I freezed, it was so cold but I got use to it we had to walk back to the marae freezing to death.  I was so chilly when we got to the marae I ran straight to the showers they were so hot and made me feel so relaxed. Later that day we had a lollie scramble we all were munching down those lollies . After that there was a talent show, Elga, Kyra, Nare and I did a dance we danced to bop it. We all cheered and cheered for the other groups, the boys did the haka and they won. We were all proud of them, my brother was in their group.  After that we had a lollie hunt I found heaps of lollies but since I was sick I shared my lollies with the teens.  After that we had dinner, we had stuffing, chicken, salads it was so tasteful I stuffed my mouth. Later on we had to go to bed, because I was so tired I went straight to bed.

On Sunday morning we all woke up and had to make our beds we all had jobs to  clean up I was so tired I couldn’t barely move my legs.  We made our own breakfast I was so so hungry I ate a mouthful of porridge. Then we cleaned up the Whare Moe and washed  the dishes.  We all played and played and got sick and tired of doing nothing .
For lunch we had seafood.  We had oysters and pipis they were so yummy . Later on we all left the marae and went home.

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  1. Kia ora Kenadee! It's Katelynn again! I really like this post it sounds like your weekend was lots of fun! I went to Blenheim I had lots of fun we went because my sister had Gymnastics. I love nachos they are my favourite! Did you enjoy playing with your friends? Maybe next time you could make all your writing 1 colour so we can read it easier! He whetu koe! ( your a star!)